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Yet Another Way to Make Money Writing Online — I Actually Like This One

A Twitter-Powered Substack/Patreon Alternative That Let’s You Steal Twitter’s Audiences

3 min readMar 28, 2022
© Twitter

Monetized writers of Medium, I present to you yet another means of potentially earning more (or some) money writing online. As if there haven’t been enough written about already on here. And I’m sure someone’s written about this already but I’ve yet to stumble across it so I’ll pretend no-one has.

Edit: I searched for it afterwards and sure enough it’s been talked about but!… In my defense, I think the Subscribe button I found particularly interesting is new. Or maybe it isn’t. Whatever. If someone’s found a way to make money online, you can bet your ass someone’s written a terribly vague listicle about it on Medium.

This isn’t one of those. I think. I promise.

Anyway, while Revue’s branding looks like it was designed by a middle school graphic design student, the concept makes sense, I like it. The concept is this, you start a newsletter very similarly to the one you’d create on Substack or Patreon where subscribers can consume your great or not so great newsletters paid or for free — and — since it’s a Twitter owned platform the humongous chirping army of tweeters can subscribe to it, directly from Twitter.

I repeat, directly from Twitter.
I repeat again, directly from, Twitter.
I repeat thrice, directly, from, Twitter.

© Twitter

Directly. From. Twitter.

How many times do I have to say it? Directly from Twitter. This, my dear fellow wonderful writer of Medium, empowers you to siphon (steal) readers directly from Twitter. Yes, I know, I know you can already send people to your Substack, Patreon, Medium or OnlyFans directly from Twitter, but… in the world of click-throughs and attention deficits, we lose a lot of people along the way.